Have you met Maurice Morelli the Man-nequin?

It’s another busy summer season at Morelli’s in Portstewart.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 9:30 am

Faced with the double dilemma of asking people to wait to be seated whilst politely driving home the message that masks should be worn, owner Damian Morelli has come up with a unique solution...

Meet the newest member of staff - Maurice Morelli the Mannequin!

Our photograph shows staff members Cathy Jamieson and Siena Morelli ensuring that newest staff member Maurice, whose role it is to remind customers of wear their masks, is in position for another busy day ahead.

“Maurice is, of course, a mannequin and one of the best members of staff I’ve ever had,” joked Damian.

“Whilst he can be a bit quiet, he’s never late, very polite, punctual and extremely easy to pay.”

Cathy Jamieson told us the only problem they’ve encountered with Maurice is the occasional customer feeling foolish after apologising for bumping into him.

Siena added: “He fits right in with the rest of the staff as he never gets any of my jokes.”

She added, however:“I think my Dad is taking advantage of him however as he’s just asked him to work nights as well.”