Historia marks historic year for Dominic Graham School of Irish Dance

Dance delights
Dance delights

2012 is a historic year and it has inspired the new show by Dominic Graham.

The Dominic Graham School of Irish Dance is now recognised as one of the top Irish Dance schools in Europe.

Each year at the beginning of September, the school puts on its new production and, over the last 13 years, they have become part of the cultural calendar and a must-see for dance lovers of all persuasions.

This year’s show is called Historia and it features special guest artists The Sidh from Italy.

The Sidh are an up and coming Celtic Music group from the north of Italy and have performed with the school on a number of occasions in Italy. This is the first time that The Sidh will perform in Ireland with the school and everyone is really excited about this collaboration.

Historia will run from Wednesday 12th September to Saturday 15th September at 8pm nightly in the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine.

Tickets for Historia are available on www.riversidetheatre.org.uk or by calling the box office on 02870 123 123.

This is a must-see event!