Killowen PS pupils are millionaires

Killowen Primary School’s avid readers have become millionaires!

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 4:47 pm

As part of the Accelerated Reading programme, pupils have to read one million words and pass the relevant Accelerated Reader quizzes to become Word Millionaires.

The Accelerated Reading scheme has created many millionaires in Killowen over the years.

School council pupils decided a few years ago to award Millionaire readers with a novel of their own choice and a McFlurry ice cream to enjoy at break time. Recently, school council pupils reviewed this award system and decided that ‘Half Millionaires’ should be awarded with a mini McFlurry to enjoy for their reading achievements.

Killowen Primary School celebrate becoming Word Millionaires (from left) Daisy, Grace, Isla, Lewis, George and Jacob

These avid readers became Word Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires over lockdown. They are Daisy, Grace, Isla, Lewis, George and Jacob.

Congratulations to Killowen’s Millionaires!