Lou’s Cupcakes are Yum-Yum

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AS a busy mum of three, Louise McClarty from Coleraine has bitten off more than most could chew!

As well as running her home and coping with the day to day needs of Eoin (11), Erin (3) and Eva (11 months), she runs her own business

creating delectable party cakes.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she is starring in this year’s Hot Mikado- a fast-paced musical comedy produced by Portrush Music Society to be

shown at the Riverside Theatre from 27 April to 4 May.

Louise plays Yum-Yum, as her name suggests, a delightfully attractive young maid in the fictionalised Japanese setting of Titipu.

The show is an updated version of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic with all the requisite humour and mind-boggling social critique played out to

a foot-tapping score of Jazz, Blues, Swing and Gospel numbers.

The plot revolves around Yum-Yum’s love interests which include betrothal to her guardian and hapless Lord High Executioner, Ko-Ko and her passionate affection for the emperor’s son Nanki-Poo, played by

Peter Olphert. As if this little love triangle wasn’t complicated enough, Ko-Ko is played by Louise’s real-life husband, the talented Alan


The part requires Louise to perform some outstanding solo singing as well as lead the cast in a hilarious dance routine that reflects the

popular dances of the 1940’s with elements of Jazz Tap, the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug.

The overall style chosen by the show’s director Kerry Dunn fuses modern Manga comic book with the flamboyance of the Hollywood Musical in its heyday. Louise is joined by some amazing local talent including Helen Wilkinson as her love rival Katisha, her determined stage sister Pitti-Sing played by Laura Fisher, and the gifted Harry Stinson playing the role of Lord High Everything Else!

The show is a spectacular opportunity for escapism for anyone nostalgic for musical extravaganza. One thing’s for sure Louise is just yummy as


Tickets for this popular and entertaining show and further information available from the Riverside Theatre box office, telephone 028 70 123 123 or book online at www.riversidetheatre.org.uk.