Pets at the Port - open now in Portrush

PORTRUSH has its very own pet supply shop.

Doagh man Rodney Gingles has been coming to the resort for many years and, in his own words, “spends half his life here”.

So, he decided to try something totally different and open a brand new pet supply shop in the town - Pets at the Port at 6 Causeway Street.

Open six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm, Pets at the Port also opens late on Thursdays until 8pm for added customer convenience.

Pets at the Port offers a selection of premium food, bedding and accessories for all your favourite pets - dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals.

COMING SOON - Pets at the Port will be stocking professional dog baths. This allows dog owners to wash their pets at home. Plus cold water fish will soon be stocked by Pets at the Port!

Rodney explained that Pets at the Port offers only PREMIUM pet foods for your much-loved pet.

And, Rodney, and his wife, Joan, are also on hand to offer nutritional advice on your pet - whether you have had your pet for a long time or whether your pet is newly acquired.

“We are always looking to stock items for our customers that other pet shops don’t have,” said Rodney.

One clever example is the pet water bottle which is made of stainless steel and works on the same principle as a small water drinker used in small animal cages.

The pet water bottle is ideal for carrying on long car journeys or on long walks and allows your dog to stay properly hydrated without you having to deal with messy water dishes and bottles.

Offering a one-to-one service, Pets at the Port will do their utmost to source any items their customer want.

So if there’s anything you need for your beloved pet, get along to Pets and the Port in Causeway Street or telephone (028) 7082 3766.