St Patrick’s PS says goodbye to Mr McKinney

After many years of service, St. Patrick’s Primary School in Portrush said goodbye to long-serving teacher, Niall McKinney.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 9:28 am
Niall McKinney pictured with Kerrie McCaughan, who was a pupil in his first class at St Patrick's PS in Portrush, and her son Alfie who was in Mr McKinney's last class

There was a special presentation to Mr McKinney at the end of term Mass for the Causeway Street school.

A spokesperson for the school said: “After many years of service in St. Patrick’s, we were sad to say goodbye to Mr McKinney as the school year drew to a close. He will be greatly missed around the school by all in our school community.

“We thank you, Mr McKinney, for everything you have brought to the school and for the many ways in which you have enriched the lives of the many children you taught.

“We hope that all your wishes for life beyond St. Patrick’s come true. The full school community will miss you and we hope that you keep in touch.”

In a special touch, Mr McKinney was pictured with Kerrie McCaughan who was in his first ever class at St Patrick’s and Kerrie’s son Alfie, who was a pupil in his last ever class.