Surplus food won't go to waste

A new initiative to reduce surplus food in Asda stores is helping Coleraine foodbanks, community groups and charities feed and support more vulnerable people in need.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 11:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 11:50 am
ASDA Coleraine store donation of food to Melanda Taylor of Macosquin Community Pre-school pictured with Fresh Food Manager Chris Patton and General Manager Roy Warke.

Donations of food, which is in date and still good to eat, come from unsold surplus within Asda stores and is provided to local charities through the FareShare Go service.

It is expected Asda Coleraine will donate the equivalent of around 20,000 meals to charities in the area over the next year.

The local foodbanks and charities that will benefit include Macosquin Community Pre-school, Causeway Pre-School Playgroup and Mount Street Mews Simon Community.

Milanda Taylor, from Macosquin Community Pre-school in Coleraine, said: “The donations we have received have been greatly appreciated at Macosquin Community Pre-School.

“We have been able to use the donations for many different purposes such as breaks for the children and for our ‘Home Corner’ where the children use the food to enhance their learning experience by exploring different foods which they may not have encountered before. We would like to say a big thank you to Asda Coleraine and FareShare for their generous donations.”

Charities or community groups interested in receiving surplus food from Asda can register online at