Talking Book dream for gentleman Jack

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A big-hearted Ballymoney man is planning to let his feet do the talking to raise funds to produce a “Talking Book” in memory of his late father.

65-year-old Jack Anderson will be raising funds at The Diamond in Ballymoney’s on July 20 by hosting a fundraising event with a difference as 12 people hit the treadmill for eight consecutive hours.

“My father was partially sighted and my fondest childhood memories are listening to RNIB’s Talking Books with him,” recalled Jack.

“Sometimes, when everyone had gone to bed, I would lie in bed and listen to the sound of the Talking Books coming from the cassette player in the living room. He loved listening to his Talking Books, especially on a dark, winter evenings.

“My father passed away in 1973 and I always wanted to honour this memory by fundraising for RNIB. Talking Books are so important for anyone with sight loss.”

This special memory was enjoyed not only by Jack, but also by his two brothers and his sister. One day, Jack was in the local shop and saw

people fundraising for a charity by cycling and this is what gave him the idea.

“It was peculiar how it came about,” laughed Jack, “but I just thought how wonderful it was that these people were physically doing something

instead of standing there asking for money. It was marvellous and I want to show people that we’re doing something to raise money so people with sight loss can enjoy a Talking Book.

“RNIB’s Talking Books are so important to anyone who is blind or partially sighted. They are a lifeline and I know this from my father’s

personal experience. RNIB’s Talking Books gave him great comfort.”

Jack lives with his wife, has two daughters, six grandchildren and regularly goes to his local gym, which is where he recruited some of his

fellow fundraisers.

Along with 11 other people, including some with sight loss themselves, Jack will be walking or running on the treadmill from 9am to 5pm on July 20.

Jack added: “It costs £2,500 to create and produce a Talking Book for an adult and £1,500 for a children’s book. It’s my dream to be able to sponsor an RNIB Talking Book and I would love my local community to get behind me.”