West Bann’s £145,000 grant

Paddy Harte-  IFI Chairman, Paddy Harte
Paddy Harte- IFI Chairman, Paddy Harte

Deepening divisions across Northern Ireland and the southern border counties require urgent support at a critical time in the Peace Process, according to the International Fund for Ireland.

The call to strengthen partnerships and boost community leadership is key to rebuilding trust, which has been broken by ongoing uncertainty.

This insight comes on the back of the IFI’s latest funding allocation, which will invest £1,133,026 into nine projects including West Bann Development Centre in Coleraine, which are working with the most polarised communities who have not felt the benefits of peace and reconciliation.

The funding has been allocated to a range of initiatives across the Peace Impact Programme (PIP) and Personal Youth Development Programme (PYDP). Paddy Harte, Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland said: “External challenges such as the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit, the lack of a functioning Executive and the rise of hardline dissidents have created a considerable void, which is having a very negative impact upon communities. Our programmes are making important inroads to help resolve legacy issues, encourage dialogue around difficult conversations as well as tackling deprivation, employment skills, mental health issues, drugs and alcohol abuse and paramilitary activity.”

West Bann Development Centre received £145,079.