1973 bomb families to be consulted

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The erection of a memorial to the victims of the 1973 Railway road bomb has been discussed again at Council.

Forty years ago this year, six people were killed and 33 others were injured when an IRA car bomb exploded on June 12, 1973. Back in June a service was held in Coleraine Town Centre to mark the anniversary of the atrocity.

At the time councillor William McCandless proposed that Council should look into a permanent memorial to the victims.

At a Leisure and Environment committee meeting earlier this month, the issue was raised again - it was then brought before last Tuesday’s full Council meeting. Members heard that at the committee meeting members had agreed that the issue needed to be considered carefully.

A recommendation that the families of the victims should be consulted about a memorial was brought before Tuesday’s meeting.

Members were unanimous that it was an issue that needed to be treated sensitively, and backed the recommendation.

DUP councillor Sam Cole said that the memorial would be a ‘worthwhile project’ but questioned how many families would be available to give their opinions. The Mayor, councillor David Harding agreed and added: “Finding these families may well be an issue.”

Independent councillor David McClarty added: “Not all of the families will be in agreement with this.

“But, I welcome the fact that this matter is being dealt with sensitively.”

UUP councillor William McCandless who raised the issue back in June pointed out that many of the families may not want a memorial.