273 stray dogs were picked up in 2013

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A staggering273 stray dogs were recovered by Coleraine Borough Council’s Dog Warden Team in 2013.

Of these, 121 dogs were directly returned to owners without being impounded in Council Kennels due to some kind of identification.

149 stray dogs were impounded due to either: not having a microchip; having a microchip but not having it updated with new contact information; no immediate form of dog tag or identification; or not having a licence.

Only 61 had some form of identification; fifty dogs had been micro-chipped, only eleven dogs had licence tags and no dogs had personal identification.

82 were then claimed by their dog owners, thirty seven stray dogs were rehomed with nineteen stray dogs rehomed to charities.

Of the 121 dogs which were returned directly to their owners, 69 were identified by a microchip, 26 were identified by a licence tag, four dogs were identified by a personal identity tags and 22 dogs were identified either by a member of the public or following the dog back to the dog owners address.

Jackie Barr, Environmental Health Officer commented; “Dog owners need to be aware that by law, every dog must be micro-chipped and the chip must also be up to date with the owner’s details. If the dog is not chipped, we are not able to process a licence application.

All dogs should have on their dog collar, a licence tag and personal identification giving their owners details. Dog owners are liable for a fixed penalty of £80 for either no licence tag or personal identification.”

At present council’s microchip service is FREE of charge, so dog owners are invited to call for an appointment today.

No licence, no excuse! A hefty fine will be issued if a dog is found without the relevant identification