500kg of litter on beaches

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SURFERS Against Sewage held The Cold Water Beach Clean project at Castlerock, Portbalintrae and Benone beaches earlier this month.

Causeway Volunteer Centre was able to use this great cause to launch their ‘Turn Up & Take Part’ volunteering campaign. Along with Causeway Volunteer Centre staff and volunteers, neighbouring school children, local residents and even tourists collecting there was over 500kg of litter throughout the three beaches.

Expressing thanks, Dan Lavery from Surfers Against Sewage, said: “It was so great to see a range of people coming down to give a helping hand in this event. The coast along the Causeway is world renowned and it is very important that people look after this legacy as we all must see it as our playground. “

Stephanie Grundon from Causeway Volunteer Centre also said, “I am so glad to be part of an organisation that is able to help people and causes like this one, therefore I was more than happy to give something back and help clean our local beaches.”

To register for future beach clean ups, contact Causeway Volunteer Centre on 028 703 58285 or volunteer@causewayvc.org.

Alternatively, contact Dan Lavery at Long Line Surf School on 07738128507 for more information on Surfers Against Sewage and the work that they do.