A special place for remembrance

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The death of a loved one is extremely difficult and even more so when the loved one is a baby or a child.

The Pregnancy Loss and Paediatric Bereavement Team on behalf of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust are responsible for the communal plot used by the Northern Trust in Belmont Cemetery, Antrim.

The Trust is responsible for keeping the graves where the tiny babies are buried looking tidy and well maintained. The Trust wishes to ensure that parents can view a grave that is well kept in memory of their precious baby.

In order to facilitate the regular re-opening and maintenance of the graves it is necessary for the Trust to remove all the momentos currently on the graves.

The Trust would ask that in future parents leave floral tributes only which will be removed every two months.

It is not possible for the Trust to contact all the parents individually who have left momentos on the graves but hope these parents understand and appreciate this request from the Trust.

If a parent reading this wishes to remove his/her own momento they are welcome to do this before 31 August 2012. Any momentos remaining after this time will be removed and disposed of in order to maintain the tidiness of this special place.