Aaron plans tribute to his mother Karen

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Aaron Watton’s mother Karen was diagnosed with a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis when she was just eighteen - a few months after Aaron was born.

The condition left Karen with problems with her speech and movement.

She was bed bound and had difficulty swallowing, so she was fed through a tube, she was also blind.

Growing up, Aaron (31), who works at Edwin May in Coleraine, was cared for by his grandparents.

He tells: “It was hard seeing my mum so ill. And as I was growing up she gradually got worse. I remember I spent the last three weeks of school in Coleraine Hosptial, mum was getting weaker each day. “

On the first day of his school holidays, Aaron got a call at 2.10 in the morning, from his grand mother to say his mum had died.

Despite the blow, brave Aaron picked himself up, met his wife Chantelle, and is the now the proud father of two boys, Reece (10) and Kaleb (7).

After attending a table quiz for the Castlerock Liverpool Supporters Club, Aaron, an avid football fan, decided he wanted to do something similar.

“A friend had asked me to go along to a quiz in Castlerock one night. I had no idea it was for MS until I got there. I got talking to one of the girls from the charity, and I decided that I wanted to do something too.” Aaron has arranged a table quiz in the Coleraine Social Club this Saturday, January 10 - the date of his mother’s fiftieth birthday, with the help of the Coleraine NI Supporters Club. “I just felt that it would be a great way to remember my mum, and raise awareness,” he said. The quiz will start at 8pm, supper included.