Action Cancer shop - the place to BAG a designer item

FASHIONISTAS - where is the best place in Coleraine to ‘bag’ yourself a designer handbag?

The Action Cancer shop on Coleraine’s Railway Road, that’s where.

Since the shop auctioned off a designer Marc Jacobs handbag last year, more and more generous donors have been handing in designer pieces to help the charity raise money.

Shop manager Angie Lamont told the Times: “Ever since we were given a Marc Jacobs handbag last year, we have been receiving a lot more designer items.

“We are now lucky enough to have in stock a Guess, a Chloe and a Chanel handbag.

“We are delighted that ladies in Coleraine now see Action Cancer as a place to donate their vintage and designer items to help fund our vital work.”

As well as the fantastic handbags, Angie said that they were also lucky enough to have been donated brand new bridal shoes thanks to another Railway Road business - StarTiara Bridalwear.