Action needed now on Captain Street ‘eyesore’

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A Coleraine councillor has called for immediate action on a row of derelict homes in Captain Street.

DUP man Trevor Clarke described the well known Coleraine street as an ‘eye sore’ and has called for the owner of the properties to take action.

Councillor Clarke explained: “In 2014, Council took the decision to board up and secure the fronts of the properties at numbers 18 to 36, in the interest of public safety.

“I have to ask will this money ever be recouped by Council?

“I am aware that planning permission relating to the redevelopment of some of these properties lapsed back in May, I have asked Council to review the dereliction blighting the top end of Lower Captain Street with a view to taking action with these already dilapidated properties before they get any worse.

“There had been issues with anti social behaviour, and indeed earlier this year a fire was started in one of the vacant properties.

“I understand the developer feels the time is not right to proceed with their plans, but does that mean we have to sit back and watch until the condition of the area deteriorates?

“Sadly the whole street is in a very poor condition.

“I feel very sorry for those residents who still live in this street, which is historically important for Coleraine. Surely these residents have rights, health and safety rights, and should not have to live beside these buildings.”

Cllr Clarke went on: “The Waterside area and indeed the lower part of the street is busy economically, I just wonder how much more vibrant it could be if something positive was done with the top end of the street.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council said: “Council can confirm it is aware of the concerns regarding the derelict properties on Captain Street.

“We are working on a resolve of this situation by establishing ownership and the planning context.”

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