Advertorial: Slimming World Judith’s inspiring story

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Slimming World consultant Judith Gibson is certainly practising what she preaches as she lost a fantastic 10 stone thanks to the programme.

Judith joined her local Slimming World group in Ballymena and has never looked back.

Judith said that had always had gynaecological problems from an early age and was told she needed to lose weight to help improve her polycystic ovarian syndrome but although she tried many many diets and did lose a little weight, she never managed to stick with it and ended up piling all the weight back on and another extra bit on the top.

“I was coming to a point in my life where I knew something needed to change,” Judith


“I knew what I needed to do but doing it on my own was scary, I had heard about this slimming group that a friend of mine was going to in another town and I couldn’t believe my ears!

“She was telling me about all the food she was eating, food that I really loved, pasta,rice, potatoes, foods that I was always told I couldn’t eat to lose weight and here she was eating them and losing weight.”

Some time later, Judith was rushed into hospital with suspected ovarian cancer, “Nothing else mattered,” said JudIth. “I was in pain, I was in shock and I was frightened that I was going to die and leave my children with no mother.

“Thankfully it ended up being a massive cyst that needed to be surgically removed and

although it was a huge relief, I then started to panic as I knew my weight was

going to be an issue with having surgery.”

After surgery, Judith said: “I came home from hospital and instead of doing what I always did and eat crisps and chocolate to comfort myself, I looked up the nearest Slimming World group to me, I never ever thought that walking through those doors I would be able to change my life completely.”

18 months later Judith was 10 stone lighter and had opened her own Slimming world

group in the Adair Arms in Ballymena.

That group has been hugely successful, gaining the prestigious “gold” award from the company and now Judith is setting her sights on the Ballymoney area.

She has opened a brand new Saturday morning group in Joey Dunlop Centre at 10am

“With the kids back to school, now is the perfect time to get ready for the party season,” she said.

“My dream is to be able to help every single member that walks through the door to

be lifted from the burden and guilt of being overweight and together with the group,

get them to their target weight. With food optimising that’s not a dream but


To find out more information or for current offers for joining the Ballymoney

Saturday group contact Judith on 07814006332 or to find a group near you log on to