Age Concern’s free benefit check offer

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Summer is nearing and this is an ideal time to have your free benefit check completed with Age Concern Causeway.

Having a benefit check competed now could mean that any identified benefits will be in place before the Autumn to help with those higher expenses that the winter brings.

Age Concern Causeway provide a free benefit entitlement check and a free support service to help people complete their benefit forms.

People may not take up benefits for several reasons:

* The system is too complicated – ACC will help you to work out your entitlement

* The forms are too complicated – ACC volunteers will help you to complete them

*I have too much money – some benefits have high thresholds particularly those with premiums – but you might just be surprised!

*They might take money off me – ACC’s service is confidential, they inform you if there is an entitlement to benefits and do not pass information over without consent

You could be eligible for Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit or Lone Pensioner Allowance.

If you are over the age of 55 and you would like a benefit check or help with completing a benefit form then please contact Steve on 02870357966.