Aghadowey farmer polluted waterway

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A farmer was fined £150 and given a conditional discharge for two years plus £28 Court Costs at North Antrim Magistrates’ Court last Friday.

Noel Collins, of Cullycapple Road, Aghadowey, pleaded guilty to making polluting discharges to a waterway.

Between 26 March and 30 March 2010, Water Quality Inspectors, acting on behalf of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency observed farm effluent entering an unnamed tributary of the Aghadowey River.

The source of the polluting discharges was traced to a farm owned by Mr Collins.

Samples taken at the time of the incident confirmed that the discharges contained poisonous, noxious, or polluting matter which would have been potentially harmful to fish life in the receiving watercourse.

Mr Collins was charged under Article 7 (1)(a) of the Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999 with the offence of making a polluting discharge to a waterway.