Aisle love myself again thanks to Slimming World

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A few months ago local woman Jayne Freeman probably couldn’t have imagined when she joined her Slimming World group in November with the incentive of having a special wedding day to look forward to, that not only would she already have lost a stone 12 lbs but have a ‘sparkling’ new career to go with it!

After Jayne’s marriage of 12 years ended, she decided to pick herself up and rebuild her life. With a wedding to her ‘boy next door’ fiancé (who she has known for 30 years) this Christmas, Jayne decided that she wanted to look forward to her wedding album and not have any regrets about her size.

From the age of 19 Jayne soon found the pounds piling on through consuming convenience foods at work. Like most people she convinced herself she could rein it in at any time. Her habits became worse and her pounds turned to stones.

After years of different short term weight loss methods, quick fixes and disasters, Jayne says: “I’ve found the ‘one’ plan that has changed my life and that of my family. It is an easy way of life and allows me to incorporate normal foods like potatoes, eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit into my daily routine”.

Jayne admits to feeling really nervous walking into group on her 1st night at her local Slimming World, and says that the worst was facing the scales.

“Up I stepped and glanced down, I remember feeling so nervous at facing the reality of my weight, but it was over in a flash and I realised that with Slimming World’s fantastic ‘Food Optimising’ plan it would be the last time I would ever be that weight”.

With the welcoming atmosphere Jayne received at group she felt at home straight away. She was amazed that with the generous variety of ‘free foods’ to choose from and eat unlimitedly that she never, ever felt hungry, unlike some plans she had tried in the past.

And soon realised she was able to enjoy everything in moderation. With loads of incentives like individual awards for each half stone in her journey, the group support of ‘Image Therapy’ and knowing that her consultant was always at the end of the phone mid-week if she ever needed it, has been invaluable to Jayne’s weekly success at the scales.

Jayne adds: “I continue to look forward to my weekly group, not only to see my results on the scales but also to see that of my fellow members.

“We all draw support from each other, after all we are all there for the same reason. The tips and hints we find out in Image Therapy each week are great.”

Being able to have added mid-week support by using the free online service for members meant that Jayne was able to keep trying different recipes. And is still amazed she can still have meals such as fish and chips and steak!

“I will never forget the warm, family welcome I received on the night I joined my Slimming World group, knowing that we all shared the same goal - to lose weight!”

Since losing weight Jayne has trained as a Slimming World consultant and wishes to return the warm, friendly, family environment which she experienced in group herself by opening a group in Stranocum on Thursday, April 26 at 7.30pm.

Jayne would urge anyone that is unhappy with their weight, not to look at it as a negative, but to embrace a new challenge and to turn their life around like she did: “Feel fit, feel happy and content in your own skin, and above all love yourself again”.

If you would like to find out more on making your fairy-tale ending come true please contact Jayne on 077206 77709 or why not pop along to the Bushvalley Primary School on 26th April at 7.30pm where you are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome.