Alexander concerned about funding for Kerr Street building

A Portrush councillor has spoken out about money being spent on a site in Portrush.

Independent councillor Christine Alexander was speaking at last Tuesday night’s Council meeting when members were told about a funding scheme for derelict buildings. Four sites have been identified for the DoE funding totalling £140,000 - Bridge Street in Coleraine (25,000), Park Street in Coleraine (£30,000), Garvagh town centre (£60,000) and Kerr Street in Portrush (£25,000).

Councillor Alexander was concerned about the £25,000 spend on the Portrush site beside the town hall, and described it as ‘ throwing good money after bad’.

The councillor said: “We previously spent money on this eyesore - £3,700 on a banner to disguise the site, it lasted three months and was destroyed in the first storm, now we’re going to spent another £25,000 and we can’t even get a drain into Glenmanus.

Responding to the councillor, Head of Environmental Services, Kieran Doherty said that the previous funding had been used to bring the site up to health and safety standards.