Alexander slams Council ‘secrecy’ over Irish Open

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A PORTRUSH councillor has slammed Coleraine Council for keeping locals in the dark over traffic management plans for the Irish Open.

Speaking at Tuesday’s meeting of Coleraine Borough Council, Cllr Christine Alexander objected when an item on the forthcoming tournament was listed for discussion in committee - which means the Press are not allowed to report on it.

Cllr Alexander said she was inundated with calls from people in Portrush who have already been told by the PSNI that they would not have access to their businesses during the week of the Irish Open.

Chief Executive Roger Wilson stepped in to remind Cllr Alexander that the original issue had been discussed in committee and that she should air her issues when it was tabled later in private.

However, Cllr Alexander said that local residents needed to know as soon as possible what is happening over traffic controls and road closures.

“There has been no consultation about this. Local people need clarification quickly so why is this being held in committee?

“I have had around seven or eight calls just in one day from people asking about this.”

Mr Wilson said that Council was “not at liberty to produce that information in advance” as the event was being planned by the European our who would have their own marketing plan.