Alison’s ‘random acts of kindness’ inspire others

When was the last time you engaged in a casual act of kindness — a small gesture that takes no effort, but means a lot to others?

It’s an American phenomenon, but a local woman decided that she would do the same here in Coleraine last week - doing TEN things that would help others.

Alison Campbell with a nurse at Causeway A&E

Alison Campbell with a nurse at Causeway A&E

Alison Campbell filmed her journey as she handed out tea and buns to workmen, left chocolates at the police and fire stations in Coleraine, visited the Causeway Hospital and left sweets for hospital staff, patients and ambulance crews.

As Alison’s day continued she paid for someone’s meal at the McDonald’s drive through, left goodies for her pals at a Weight Watchers meeting and paid for coffee for a stranger at Starbucks.

She also left ten pennies in random places during her day, paid for car parking for a stranger and left money on a games machine at the Jet Centre.

“One act of kindness can make someones day, and it made me feel great too,” said Alison.

Alison said that the idea came to her as she recovered from a serious car accident just before Christmas.

She explained: “I just wanted to put some positivity back into the world.”

“My husband Scott and I, thought about different people that we held close and then other ideas popped up.

“I am so happy with the way it’s been received. People have been watching the video on facebook and through my blog and leaving me lots of nice messages.”

You can view Alison’s video on our website,