Alzheimer’s Society Carers Support Groups

The Alzheimer’s Society are delighted to announce that their carers support groups will reopen again after the summer break.

The venues and dates for the next meetings are Coleraine, the Brook Rosebrook house, Brook Street, Coleraine on 4th September. This group also caters for the person who is diagnosed with dementia.

All meetings begin at 7.30pm and finish at 9pm.

Adrian Friel, Dementia Support Manager with the society said: “We are always looking for new members for our groups and they provide an excellent resource for learning and support.

“These groups are open to anyone who has a relative who has a diagnosis of dementia.”

Adrian explained that family members caring for a loved one sometimes do not see themselves as carers; they see what they are doing as an act of love, duty or sometimes obligation.

“Please come along to these meetings they are open to all and are safe places where you can share your experience and listen to others who are in the same boat as you,” he said.

“I would like to see new carers coming to the groups as there is a need in dementia care for upgrading skills and camaraderie between the carers. It’s an opportunity to have a chat and a cuppa with others who understand what you are going through and a place to gain valuable information.

“This year I will also be holding information and education evenings in each of the three council areas of Coleraine, Moyle and Ballymoney. These talks are free to attend and will deal with every aspect of dementia care.

“For too long dementia has been a hidden illness and it is only through carers and their loved ones coming together as a group and being actively involved in their local branch that they have a voice. The Alzheimer’s Society especially welcomes those with a diagnosis to play a more active role in their local service.”

If you are a carer of a loved one with any form of dementia or someone who has been diagnosed with dementia, why not come along to one of these groups. Or if you would like a home visit from our Dementia Support Manager, then contact Adrian on 02870358887 to arrange an appointment.

Adrian can offer you support, information and sign posting on all areas of caring and any form of dementia.