Alzheimer’s Society moves to new premises in Coleraine

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The Alzheimer’s Society has moved its Causeway Office to the Community Clinics at Castlerock Road, Coleraine.

Adrian Friel, Dementia Support Manager for the Causeway Service, said: “I am delighted with the move.

“We now have a bright and spacious office where people with dementia and family members can get the crucial information and support they need to enable them to make the journey on which this illness takes them.

“The office is based in a central location where people will have access to disabled parking and we are now on the ground level which makes access for those with a disability much more amenable.

“The service which we will be offering will still remain at the same high standard as it was when we were based at the Brook complex.

“Support groups and visits to the home will still be operated in the same way except now if a family wishes to come and see me we have the ideal location.

If you are a carer of a loved one with any form of Dementia or someone who has been diagnosed with dementia contact Adrian at the Community Clinic, Castlerock Road,, Coleraine, on 028 703 58887 to arrange an appointment.

Adrian can offer support, information and signposting on all areas of caring and any form of dementia.