Anti-social behaviour? Where’s the evidence?

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POLICE have received NO reports of anti-social behaviour in the areas surround Portstewart’s Diamond in the five month since Christmas.

That was the message from the PSNI to members of Portstewart Community Vision at a public meeting last Tuesday.

Members of the community group were voicing their strong opposition to the new hotel in the Diamond, Me and Mrs Jones, saying that it would lead to increased incidents of anti-social behaviour in parts of Portstewart such as Lever Road, Strand Road and the Coleraine Road.

However, PSNI Sgt Sharon Campbell told the meeting that police had received no reports of anti-social behaviour in any of those surrounding areas since Christmas.

Referring to the members’ allegations of anti-social behaviour, she said: “From a police point of view, we have nothing to substantiate that.

“There have been no reports of anti-social behaviour since Christmas in any of those areas.

“That makes it difficult for me to get extra resources to tackle a problem which, from our information, doesn’t exist.”

Sgt Campbell told members that if they see or hear any incidents of anti-social behaviour, they must report them to the police.

“It is important to put in place a plan to deal with anti-social behaviour if it happens.

“Record what happens, liaise with us or Coleraine Council. It is important to build up a catalogue of information.”