‘Appoint contractors soon’ for Causeway Road says MLA Swann

Robin Swann. (Editorial Image)
Robin Swann. (Editorial Image)

North Antrim MLA Robin Swann has warned that “severe traffic chaos could lie ahead because of TransportNI’s delay in appointing a resurfacing contractor for Causeway Road, near Bushmills”.

Assemblyman Swann, who is also UUP Chief Whip and North Antrim UUP Chairman, issued his warning after he posed a series of questions concerning the resurfacing of the Causeway Road.

Mr Swann had asked: “Can you advise when the next stage of resurfacing is taking place on the Causeway Road? Locals had been advised it would be the start of the year and we’re now in the middle of March.

“The road will begin to get busy around Easter time and the tourist season is just around the corner. There are currently a few issues with drains and lying water along this road as well.”

Responding to Assemblyman Swann, a TransportNI spokesperson said: “The next phase of resurfacing on Causeway Road is programmed for this financial year.

“Unfortunately, as there has been a delay in award of our resurfacing contract, I cannot, at this stage, provide a definitive timescale for delivery.

“However, be assured, TransportNI is cognisant of the implications of such work, especially given the proximity of the Giant’s Causeway and the impending tourist season.

“TransportNI remain committed to, not only undertaking the resurfacing works, but also, ensuring they are delivered with minimal disruption for tourists and visitors to the Giant’s Causeway. Any drainage issues along this stretch of road should be remedied by the resurfacing works.”