Arrangements for Coleraine Twelfth parade

Craigywarren Flute Band taking part in the mini twelfth in Ballymena. INBT27-216AC
Craigywarren Flute Band taking part in the mini twelfth in Ballymena. INBT27-216AC

MACOSQUIN District LOL No 8 have announced arrangements for the July 12th celebrations.

The main parade in Coleraine will begin at 12 noon sharp with all Lodge and bands to be in position by 11.30am.

The city of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge along with Limavady District LOL No 6 will arrive at Hillmans Way on the Ballycastle Road and proceed to the assembly point in Union Street facing Railway Road. Coleraine District LOL No 2 will assemble in Brook Street West, Brookgreen facing Union Street and Macosquin District LOL No 8 will assembly in the lower part of Union Street.

The parade will be led by Limavady District LOL No6, the City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge and brethren from East Donegal, Coleraine District LOL No2, Macosquin District LOL No8.

Only flags and banners approved by Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland will be permitted to be carried during the demonstration.

Under no circumstances will alcohol be permitted to be conveyed around the parade or demonstration field.

The parade route will be as follows: Railway Road, Kingsgate Street, Long Commons, Beresford Road, Blindgate Street, Dunmore Street, New Row, Church Street, The Cenotaph, the Diamond, Queen Street, Circular Road, old bridge, Waterside, Castlerock Road, Kings Road, Carthall Road to the field.

The religious service and platform proceedings will commence at 2.30pm sharp. During the religious service and platform proceedings, it is requested that all bands refrain from playing.

The only collections that will be permitted on the day will be for the Lord Enniskillen Memorial Orange Orphan’s Society (LEMOOS).

On the return leg of the parade, Macosquin District will form up from 3.45pm and leave the field at 4pm and parade to Church Street where they will open ranks to allow the visiting districts to pass.

The return route will be as follows: Carthall Road, Upper and Lower Captain Street, Waterside, Circular Road, link to Queen Street, the Diamond, the Cenotaph, Church Street, Kingsgate Street and Railway Road.