Autoline relaunch BRAKE in Coleraine as road deaths continue to increase

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Autoline Insurance Group has once again joined forces with road safety charity BRAKE with the intention of continuing to educate young drivers in Coleraine of the clear dangers present on the country’s roads.

In order to combat this, Autoline has had a large number of staff from its regional branches trained as part of BRAKE’s ‘2 Young 2 Die’ project. The ‘2 Young 2 Die’ campaign uses hard-hitting videos and statistics, along with discussion based workshops, to get key messages on issues such as

speed, alcohol and drugs, distractions and the consequences of crashes across to young drivers and passengers.

With the new school year approaching, Autoline are calling on schools in Coleraine to get involved in the ‘2 Young 2 Die’ campaign and host a BRAKE workshop to get across the serious messages of road safety to student drivers. Last year, Autoline Insurance Group carried out over 30 of these

informative and insightful workshops in schools all over Northern Ireland.

Michael Blaney, Managing Director Autoline Insurance Group said: “We first started working with BRAKE in 2013 and it was fantastic to see the number of schools and organisations that were so keen to get involved.

“We experienced the genuine interest and at times shock, as pupils and teachers

alike realised the dangers present on Northern Ireland’s roads. The work carried out by our staff during last year’s campaign has helped change the mind-sets of many young drivers. This year we want to significantly increase the number of young drivers we meet in order to improve the safety

on Northern Ireland’s roads.

Workshops give young people the opportunity to think through the consequences of dangerous driving and the responsibilities and risks they face on the roads.

For further information about how your school or organisation can participate in the ‘2 Young 2 Die’ programme please contact Claire Murphy at Autoline Insurance Group on 028 302 59033.