Ballywillan cast takes on mannequin stunt

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With their annual production less than two months away, Ballywillan Drama Group are ramping up their efforts to publicise ‘Annie’ which takes place in the Riverside Theatre this coming January.

Their latest efforts saw them undertake the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ two weeks before Honey G brought it to X factor!

Chairman of the group, Richard Mairs, commented: “We have always prided ourselves at our often unique approach to publicity.

“We feel that we move with the times.

“Our Facebook page has over 2000 subscribers and many of our posts have a reach of over 15,000 people.

“When we saw the mannequin challenge being done by various sporting groups, we knew it was something that we could do successfully here.

“It provided us with some light entertainment before the start of a very serious rehearsal.

“Our Facebook page and our website are run by a team of people headed by Zak McClelland, who runs both pages despite not even living in this country.

“This publicity is obviously working as we are delighted with the advanced sales ahead of ‘Annie.’

“It really is proving to be the hottest ticket in town.

“At this stage there are still plenty of tickets left but I would encourage anyone who is interested in going to book early.

“In fact, in my opinion they would make excellent Christmas presents.”

You can view Ballywillan’s efforts at the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ on their Facebook page at

The group is also embracing social media by having a presence on Instagram and has produced a special selfie frame for use at rehearsals to promote the show, as shown by chairman Richard Mairs in the picture.