Ballywillan LOL dedicate Past Masters’ board

BALLYWILLAN Sons of William LOL 1022 and guests met recently in Ballywillan Orange Hall to dedicate a Past Masters’ record board.

The lodge was founded in 1823 but unfortunately no record of the master’s name could be found for the first two years despite long searches of archives in Orange Headquarters in Belfast.

However, a full record was found for the remaining 187 years to bring it up to the present master - Bro. William Anderson.

The Lodge had long considered having a Past Masters’ Board but it was current Secretary Bro .William Adams who undertook necessary research and had the board made and inscribed.

“The end product is very worthy of having its place of honour on the hall wall for future generations to admire and possibly read their forefather’s names there,” said Bro Adams.

At the present time there are still three Past Masters alive: Bro. Gerry Dorrans, Bro. John Goligher who is now a member of a lodge attached to the City of Londonderry Grand Lodge and Bro. Marshall Goligher who is Lodge first Lecturer.

There were a good turnout of members and friends for the unveiling and dedication and all were given a warm welcome by the Worshipful Master Bro. William Anderson.

Bro. Samuel B. Kane began with an opening prayer followed by a hymn with music provided by Ballywillan Flute Band. Lodge Chaplin Bro. Hopkin Stewart read a lesson.

Past Master Bro. Gerry Dorrans , Past Master and Lodge member for 63 years, carried out the unveiling saying how proud and pleased he was that the lodge had asked him to perform this very honourable task.

The act of dedication was carried out by Rev. Peter McDowell, rector of Holy Trinity Parish Church in Portrush, who wished the members God’s richest blessing in the future.