Benvardin needs your help over the festive period

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Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels is appealing for your help as Christmas approaches.

Shaun McIntyre told The Times: “In this wet weather we are in desperate need of old newspapers and blankets, in a bid to keep our animals warm and dry.

“You would be amazed at the number of newspapers we can go through in just one day. We are asking people not to throw them out over the Christmas holidays, but instead to keep them and donate them to us at Benvardin.”

If you have any old newspapers you can drop them off at Benvardin Kennels or at two other drop off points, one in Coleraine and one in Ballymoney.

The Bark charity shop in Ballymoney and Jollye’s in Coleraine will be happy to accept donations.

Benvardin is open over the festive period, so if you are at a loose end they are always happy to accept your help.