“Best set of GCSE results in Dalriada’s history”

RESULT!. Dalriada Principal Tom Skelton with the school's top GCSE achievers.INBM35-15 029SC.
RESULT!. Dalriada Principal Tom Skelton with the school's top GCSE achievers.INBM35-15 029SC.

Last Thursday witnessed great scenes of celebration at Dalriada when this year’s GCSE results were announced.

Every single Year 12 pupil achieved at least 5 or more A*-C grades, including Maths and English.

Indeed a staggering 97% of all Year 12 Dalriada pupils gained at least 7 A*-C grades including Maths and English.

53 pupils, over 40% of the entire year group achieved 8 or more A* or A full course grades and of this group 15 pupils gained 9 A* or A grades each.

Beth Patterson and Peter Forde will start their A level courses having achieved a superb 10 A*’s each, while Joseph Hasson, Susan Gilmour and Ben Kidd achieved an outstanding 9 A*’s. 17 pupils achieved an outstanding 10 A*-A grades: Lois Barr, Rachel Wilson, Hannah Christie, Reanna Craig, James Hancock, Sophie Eden, Hannah McCurdy, Eve Taggart, June He, Sarah Jamison, Jonathan Waide, Caitlin Buick, Kyle Watton, Louise Wilson, Caitlin Christie, Lucy Patterson, Nathanael Winchborne. The following pupils 15 obtained 9 A*-A grades: Robert Simpson, Jack Hall, Laura Henry, Tara McConaghie, Sarah Gordon, Annie McIlhatton, Denis Posternak, Jonathan Witherow, Timothy McGurk, Jessi Gray, Jade Houston, David Linton, Paulina Marszlek, Peter Emerson, Thomas Service.The 16 pupils achieving 8 A*- A grades were: Colin Henry, Matthew Pollock, Jack McMullan, Mark McConaghie, Rebecca McAuley, Matthew McCurdy, Rachel McConaghie, David Laverty, Michael Creith, Michael Diamond, Hannah Ritchie, Jessica Hodges, Paddy Graham, Erin Johnston, Anna Allen, Kate Jamison. Of last year’s cohort of year 12 pupils, 115 of them now progress to the Sixth Form of Dalriada, where they will be joined by 11 students from schools in Ballymoney, Bushmills, Coleraine and Ballycastle.Headmaster, Tom Skelton said: “As far as I an aware, this is the best set of GCSE results in Dalriada’s history. We are delighted with these results and pleased that such a large group of students are progressing into Sixth Form. We wish students who are leaving us well, and we are delighted to welcome 11 external students who have also achieved impressive GCSE results. “

We now have 127 students in Lower Sixth and 118 in Upper Sixth making it one of our biggest ever Sixth Forms. Out total school enrolment now stands at 874 pupils, a reflection of the quality of education offered and delivered at Dalriada.