Bishop beats Olympic hero Peter in water race

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COLERAINE’S Olympic silver medallistPeter Chambers and Bishop Harold Miller climbed 45 metres to the top of the Victoria Square Dome in Belfast, while carrying 20 litres of water.

This is only a fraction of the height and distance, which Ugandan teenagers have to climb to get water every day, water that their families’ survival depends on.

Both Peter and Bishop Millerhad been invited by Tearfund to launch a campaign that will bring clean water to more than 20 000 people in Africa.

Previously Peter and his brother Richard had travelled to Uganda with Tearfund where they joined Doreen (13) and Jouvllet (11) on their daily two-hour long trips to fetch water for their families.

Peter raced up the stairs to the top of the 45 metre high dome, carrying 20 litres of water last Monday.

Bishop Miller also had 20 litres of water but he took the lift arriving at the top a few seconds ahead of the Olympic rower.

He said: “We all need a lift in life at some point and for girls such as Doreen and Jouvlett life is often unfair, but we can all make a real difference to the mountains they face by supporting this campaign which will bring clean water to thousands of families across Africa.”

Peter told the Times: “That’s right, it costs just £7 to help provide clean water for one person.

“Visit the Tearfund website and be part of a miracle.”

Christian Relief and Development agency Tearfund was launching its “One Big Mountain” campaign which aims to bring clean water to more than 20 000 people across Africa.

Tim Magowan Northern Ireland Director of Tearfund said; “This project will impact the lives of real individuals, families and whole communities.

“Take for example Beatrice, who I met recently in Uganda. Her daughters would have to travel by foot up to 4 hours a day to collect clean water. Since receiving a domestic water tank, her children now have the time to attend school and avoid the long and vulnerable journey to collect water each day. Through training, Beatrice has learnt how to install water tanks for others which has helped her earn money and increase her ability to feed her family”.

See the Chambers’ video: