‘Bizarre, creepy and weird’ The Castleroe Forest statue

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MYSTERY surrounds a creepy white statue which has freaked out walkers at Castleroe Forest outside Coleraine.

Readers alerted us to the bizarre white edifice which sits off a deserted lane in the wood.

And local photographer, Paul Davis, sent us the pictures of the statue which is mounted on a piece of wood.

Paul told us: The Forestry maintain that area and drive that lane regularly perhaps they might know more…. my Facebook friends got very involved and even chatted about devil worshipping!

A reader told us: “I go walking out there all the time and when I saw it it creeped me out.

“What on earth is it and who put it there? Is there some kind of message with it being there?

“It definitely has been there for a few months now.

“It looks like a gargoyle with a frog on top.”

Another reader said: “There are no signs on the statue, so what is it doing there?

“Why would someone want to put it there where only a few people who walk or run in the forest can see it. Bizarre!”

So perhaps readers can shed some light on the strange statue and who put it there?

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Thanks to Paul Davis of Davis Photography in Coleraine for the photos, right.