Blind can enjoy Jet Centre films

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A new service will ensure that people who are blind or partially sighted will be able to enjoy a trip to the cinema at Movie House at the Jet Centre.

The Coleraine cinema has introduced audio description facilities for movie releases in selected screenings.

Those who require audio description will now be able to enjoy the cinema experience for many new movie releases.

Audio description offers people with a visual impairment a spoken description of the action on the big screen, broadcast through special personal headsets. Anyone wearing one of these headsets will be able to listen to this commentary, which explains visually what is happening on the screen.

This complements the dialogue, music and sound effects to give the customer a full understanding of the movie. It cannot be heard by other customers in the screen - only the person wearing the headset.

The cinema ran a trial with people from the RNIB earlier this month and customers were delighted with the new service and said that the description was clear and helped them to enjoy the film.

Jonathan Adams, RNIB Community Access Support said: “I am delighted that Audio Description has come to Coleraine. It allows for people with sight loss to enjoy the experience of going to the movies and savouring the finer details of what is happening on screen that otherwise might be missed”.

Wanda Donnan, Jet Centre Manager, said: “We are really excited to be able to enhance the cinema experience for those who are blind and partially sighted.

“Movies are fantastic entertainment and it’s important that everyone is able to come along and enjoy a visit to the cinema.”

There is no extra cost for audio description however there is a small £5 refundable deposit required while using the headset.

Information on movie choice with audio description is available on or contact The Jet Centre on 028 7035 0001.