Blue bins debated at Ballywillan

AFTER an unbroken run of excellent weekly meetings, members of Ballywillan Men’s Fellowship were presented with an hour of rubbish last Thursday.

Yet it was unanimously agreed that this weekly talk was one of the most interesting the Fellowship had enjoyed this year.

The speaker was Fiona Watters, recycling officer to Coleraine Borough Council, and she titled her talk: “What’s in your bin?” The answer opened up a fascinating world.

Dealing mainly with the blue waste bins, first supplied to local ratepayers ten years ago, Fiona not only cleared up many of the queries people have over what exactly should or should not be put into them, but explained how much of the material deposited there is recycled.

With 40 per cent of Coleraine’s rubbish recycled, and the Council now actually paid for the contents of each blue bin, Fiona explained how the contents were mechanically sorted and then sent to recycling centres all over the British Isles and Europe.

She spoke also of the enormous amount of food the average family throws away – from 30 to 50 per cent – and demonstrated how the average family could avoid such huge waste.

A startling fact among the many she divulged was that the recycling of one single glass bottle resulted in the saving of enough energy to light a 100 watt light bulb for four hours!

Fiona’s talk was illustrated throughout by a power point presentation and many aspects of waste and recycling were discussed during a meeting, which has left many members determined to adopt sensible measures to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Fellowship president Dr. Michael Gardiner eventually called a halt to an enthusiastic debate which was showing no signs of stopping!

This week (Thursday 28 February) the Fellowship will host Trevor Adams, who will be giving an illustrated talk on “Coleraine Port past and present”. As usual, the meeting starts at 10.30 am with tea or coffee, biscuits and chat. The talk starts at

Retired and semi-retired men of all denominations and none are welcome to join the Fellowship for a morning of friendship and craic. Annual fee is only £12, plus £1 a week to cover speakers’ expenses.