Bottleneck could cause child’s death

Cars parked on the footpaths at Somerset Drive.
Cars parked on the footpaths at Somerset Drive.

A Coleraine residents group is calling on DRD Roads Service to tackle a parking issue to prevent a child being killed on a local street.

The newly reformed Somerset Residents’ Group is campaigning for a major road reconstruction at Somerset Drive.

Currently residents are forced to park on a footpath outside their homes, causing an obstruction to pedestrians.

A spokesman for the group told The Coleraine Times: “People can’t park the cars on the street because if they did no other cars could get past because the road is so narrow.

“The cars on the footpath are causing an obstruction for pedestrians, those in wheelchairs or mothers with prams.

“We are also concerned that a child could run out between the cars onto the road and get knocked down and killed.”

The problem is exacerbated when there are services held at nearby St John’s Chapel with so many cars parked on the street.

The spokesperson added: “We are not sure what the solution would be - widening the road and moving the footpath maybe. It might take a lot of work but something has to be done.”

A Roads Service spokesperson said: “Our engineers have welcomed representation from the residents group and understand their concerns.

“Consultations with a number of stakeholders including residents, the Housing Executive and the PSNI Traffic Management section are ongoing.

“Roads Service is currently developing a 20mph speed limit scheme for Somerset Drive/Laurel Avenue and is also aware of the parking issues in the area. “While a long term solution is being developed all drivers are reminded that they have a responsibility to park responsibly and not to cause an obstruction.”


Child Protection Training

Somerset Residents’ Group is holding a Child Protection Training session at St John’s Clubhouse on Tuesday, April 30 from 10am to 12 noon.

This is a great opportunity to help children and further your knowledge of children protection. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Litter pick up

Members of Somerset Residents’ Group are taking part in a local litter lift.

Anyone interested is asked to meet at the layby at Pates Lane to start at Killowen Street and take in Somerset Drive, Laurel Avenue and Castle Place. Any help with residents will be much appreciated.

Soup, sandwiches and refreshments will be provided.

Kids Disco

Plans are in place to run a Kids Disco soon. Watch this space for further details.

Group meetings

Somerset Residents’ Group meets each Friday at 5pm in St John’’s Clubhouse at Kyle’s Brae. Anyone interested in helping the group or has an interest in community issues for the Somerset area is welcome to go along.