Bradley calls for more bins at Mountsandel

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East Londonderry Assembly candidate Maurice Bradley has queried the lack of waste bins on the popular walking trail through Mountsandel Forest.

He says that more bins in the area would ‘help keep one of Coleraine’s most scenic walks free from litter and dog foul’.

“Mountsandel is one of the most historical sites in Northern Ireland,” said the former Mayor of Coleraine.

“Plans to link the historical site to the riverside walkway from the old town bridge to Castleroe will certainly make the site more accessible and appealing to walker, cyclists and joggers, never mind tourist potential.

“However, the current walkway round the Mount is lacking in litter bins.

“The area, popular with dog walkers, has a lot of dog foul on the pathway.

“Dog owners have nowhere to put their dog litter, and others without dogs have to watch their step.

“This is a beautiful walk at all times of the year.

“People stop at various vantage points and have a cuppa, a picnic or just take in the serene beauty of the whole area. Litter bins would be a massive advantage for people to put their waste into.”