Bradley calls for more police patrols

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A former Mayor of the Borough is calling for police to step up patrols across the Triangle area.

The call came from Maurice Bradley, a DUP candidate in the Assembly elections. He was speaking after a computer software company in the Colearaine’s Ballycastle Road was burgled for the second time in three days.

The Coleraine man has also called for patrols to be stepped up in Portstewart, following a number of anti social behaviour incidents.

“I was shocked to hear that a business off the Ballycastle Road had been burgled twice in three days, with the offenders making their way across church grounds before helping themselves to cash and cheques. Fortunately on the second occasion police were nearby when the alarm sounded but officers were unable to catch the perpetrators.”

The former Coleraine councillor said he was also concerned by reports that residents in Portstewart were being kept awake by unruly students. He said: “Wheelie bins have been emptied out in the street and left hanging on lampposts. It’s unfair that residents are having to put up with this sort of behaviour while visitors are being left with a poor impression of the resort. Easter marks the start of the tourist season, but in the longer term, we must also focus on the Open Golf and ensure that our resorts are in in tip-top condition.”