Bradley makes plea for Newmills Road junction

Newmills Road.CR49-104SC.
Newmills Road.CR49-104SC.

A Coleraine Alderman says it is ‘critical’ that a busy junction in Coleraine is improved by Roads Service.

DUP Alderman Maurice Bradley made an impassioned plea at last Tuesday night’s Council meeting, when Roads Service presented their interim report to Coleraine Borough Council.

On hearing news that the department are to carry out a feasibility study to consider the introduction of a second lane exit off the Lodge Road roundabout towards Portrush, Alderman Bradley pushed the case for improvements at the Newmills Road junction.

Divisional Roads Manager, Janet Mackle told Alderman Bradley that the study would be carried out in the new year.

Backing up, Alderman Bradley, Independent councillor Christine Alexander added: “Alderman Bradley brings this issue up every time.

“I’m just wondering how much weight elected members have. I’m here eleven years, and this has been raised at every meeting.

The Divisional Manager added: “I can assure you that the comments are taken seriously and considered.”

She added: “New Mills Road is not unique, it is very similar to others in the division.