BREAKING NEWS Coastguard rescue youth near White Rocks

Rescue near the White Rocks
Rescue near the White Rocks

Around 20 members of the Coastguard were involved in a rescue this evening after a youth slipped of a wall and fell into a deep gully on the land side of Dunluce Road, approximately 400 metres past the entrance to the White Rocks car park.

It is understood that the youth was walking towards Portrush with a group of friends when he slipped from the wall he was walking on and although unhurt, was unable to get up the steep side of the gully.

The Coastguard were called out just after 10. A spokeman explained: “We needed to perform a rope rescue after a young lad slipped into the gully although thankfully he is unhurt.

“There’s about 20 members of the Coastguard in attendance, we require a minimum of 12 personnel for a rope rescue and then because we need lighting gear at the site and also traffic control that puts the numbers up.

“He had fallen around ten or fifteen minutes before we were called out and it has taken us just over the hour to perform the rescue.”