Breathe Easy at forefront of respiratory awareness drive

THE British Lung Foundation (BLF) is the driving force behind the nationwide campaign to enhance awareness of and battle respiratory illness.

Breathe Easy Causeway is its first subsidiary group in Northern Ireland.

This year both have a lot to celebrate and each faces the challenge of change.

However, there is an agreed determination to maintain and build upon the hard-won legacy of keeping lung health at the forefront of medical care.

This year, the British Lung Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary and, at the same time, it is saying farewell to its Chief Executive Dame Helena Shovelton, who has “successfully and indefatigably championed the cause of people with lung disease”

For 10 years Breathe Easy Causeway has been to the forefront of the awareness drive in Northern Ireland.

It too is experiencing a major reshuffle as its founder and former Chairperson, Mrs Nessie Blair, a former respiratory specialist at Causeway Hospital, has moved on to become the BLF representative for Northern Ireland, responsible for developing the service province-wide.

Sam Kelly has taken over, for the second time, the Dhairmanship of the Causeway Group, and he is proving again to be a resilient and dynamic leader. Of course, Mrs Blair, continues an important oversight and advisory role.

Breathe easy Causeway’s major promotional project this year will be the Health Fair to be staged at the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine, on April 19-20 during which the public will be invited to avail themselves of a wide variety of health checks and expert advice on how to improve lifestyles.