Breathe Easy get ready for Health Fair this Friday

THE dedication of Breathe Easy Causeway members has been praised by its chairman, Sam Kelly.

Writing in the British Lung Foundation News Letter, Mr Kelly said: “Hard work and dedication are the key components of Breathe Easy Causeway accomplishments, including being last year’s top BLF award winners. It is important to remember that even a small group of dedicated people can influence change for the better.”

Mr Kelly praised members further at the April meeting saying: “We will continue our vigorous campaign to ensure the best health care for patients battling chronic breathing disorders.”

This Friday the group will host the Breathe Easy Health Fair in the Lodge Hotel. Breathe Easy members from Scotland will be in attendance as will members of the newly formed Derry group.

“There is something in it for everyone who wants to improve their lifestyle. All aspects of health care, including blood, cholesterol and lung testing, will be available,” he said.