Brian ‘thrilled’ to support Mill Strand

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An international businessman and a longstanding supporter of integrated education, returned to visit Mill Stand Integrated Primary School.

Brian Dickie, who was born and brought up in Northern Ireland has family connections in Portrush. He and his wife Sue have supported integrated education throughout Northern Ireland and have helped the growth of the nursery unit at Mill Strand.

Mill Strand Integrated Nursery opened when the primary school was established in 1987. In the face of a restricted education budget, the school is struggling to fund the additional staff and the play and learning equipment needed to resource further nursery places.

The Integrated Education Fund (IEF) has launched a Christmas appeal to support the development of the nursery at Mill Strand and is delighted that Brian Dickie has generously assisted the project.

Accompanied by wife Sue, Brian. a former President of TXU Energy in Texas and now lives in London, said he was delighted to visit the school. “Over many years of involvement with the Integrated Education Fund I have always enjoyed seeing first-hand the work of the integrated schools and it is wonderful to see Mill Strand thriving. 

“I feel it is very important that parents should be able to access integrated education in accordance with their wishes and that is why I am very happy to get behind this initiative at Mill Strand IPS.”

Paul Caskey, Campaign Director of the IEF, who accompanied Brian and Sue on their trip, added: “It’s always good to be able to bring a major donor to one of our schools and let them see the practical good which their gifts bring to children. Enabling the pupils and teachers at this growing school to thank him in person for his continuing support underlines the friendship.”