Bronagh’s ‘baby’ get a boost!

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Coleraine actress Bronagh Waugh has gone back to her roots to celebrate a funding boost for a theatre company she started before she became a star.

Bronagh is delighted that Pintsized Productions, a theatre company she was instrumental in creating and of which she is now a proud patron, is to receive a financial boost from The Arts Council.

Pintsized Productions was originally established by Bronagh and best friend Gerard McCabe (who is now the company’s Artistic Director) to create pint-sized projects, in order to showcase Northern Ireland’s exceptional emerging talent, by collaborating with established artists.

The company’s first production was Jim Cartwright’s Two, performed by both Bronagh and Gerard. It also marked Belfast actor Lalor Roddy’s directorial debut.

This is the first funding Pintsized Productions has received from the Arts Council and Bronagh couldn’t be more delighted that the company she helped to create almost eight years ago has now officially been recognised for its contribution to the arts and in engaging new audiences.

Back in Belfast last week, Bronagh - who has starred in Hollyoaks and the critically acclaimed The Fall in recent years, said: ““We are delighted that this year the Arts Council (lottery funded small grants) are able to support Pintsized.

“You know there are so many cuts happening across the board, we are so, so thankful that we managed to get some funding and that they are supporting Pintsized Surprise.

Bronagh added: “It’s just a proud moment for me, because all those years ago, Gerard and I used our own money to put on the play and we also begged borrowed and stole from anyone we could. So to get recognition and support from the Arts council feels like a proud moment because eight years on, it feels like the theatre company has really grown and is being taking seriously and being recognised.”

As a result of this Arts Council support Pintsized Productions will be taking to the road this month with their production Pintsized Surprise which previously enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Feile an Phobal and Belfast’s Pick ‘n’ Mix festival at the MAC.

Gilly Campbell, Arts Development Officer for Drama and Dance, said: “The Arts Council is pleased to support this unique, impressive and innovative company which offers an important platform to emerging actors whilst also encouraging more people to participate in the arts.”

Gerard McCabe, Pintsized Productions Artistic Director said; “The show we producing, thanks to the Arts Council support is ‘Pintsized Surprise’ and is exactly that.

“The audience will meet at a preordained place and then, quite literally, taken on a journey into the unknown.”

Bronagh hit the headlines again last year when she played Sally Ann Spector on the BBC series The Fall.