Buildings receive Access Awards

FOUR buildings in the Magherafelt District Council area have picked up Access Awards at the annual William Keown Trust presentations.

They are: Crawfords (Maghera), Lavey Termoneeny Centre (Maghera), Greenvale Leisure Centre (Magherafelt) and Magherafelt High School.

The awards were presented to representatives of each of the winning buildings at the awards ceremony which recently took place in Omagh.

The Trust has been at the forefront of disability issues for over 30 years and is the forerunner in the introduction of the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act.

As a result of this leglisation a greater understanding and a more positive approach towards people with disablities and their needs has developed.

This year the panel of judges visited 22 facilities from different Council areas and as a result was able to recommend to the Trust’s Access and Education Committee, 21 buildings offering good access, egress and internal circulation.

The Trust founder and chief executive, Bill Keown, commented on the difficulty in the economy and especially for those connected to the building trades.

He said it was most heart warming to see so many schools and colleges included in this year’s awards ceremony.

He felt it was only proper and correct to promote inclusion in an education system that celebrates and embraces the difference of individuals, especially those who because of personal circumstances have to approach life from a different angle.