Bus carrying football fans attacked

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A Police investigation is underway after reports that a bus carrying football fans had one of its windows smashed by youths throwing stones in Coleraine.

The incident happened after Tuesday night’s game between Coleraine and Crusaders.

Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant Billy Smith said this is the fourth time this type of attack has been reported in recent years and said it is fortunate that no-one was badly hurt.

“We are lucky that no-one was injured and I would say to young people in the area that they should be aware of the potential danger that they are putting other people in,” he explained.

“They might think that it is just fooling around, but they should know that police are taking the incident seriously and a criminal record is a distinct possibility for anyone involved.”

The incident happened at about 9.55pm in the Ballycastle Road area and was said to have involved a group of youths throwing stones.

Sergeant Smith added: “Parents undoubtedly have a key role to play here as well.

“They should to speak to their children and make them aware of the danger of getting caught up in criminal behaviour.

“Police will enforce the law when criminal or anti-social behaviour is detected and a criminal record seriously effects life choices, including employment choices, travel options and future education.”

Anyone with further information has been asked to contact the PSNI.