Bushmills man’s book now on sale in Waterstones

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Bushmills author, William Methven, has just seen his historical novel, ‘The Hare’s Vision’, appear on Waterstone’s shelves in Coleraine.

“It’s an exciting development for any author to see their work in the shops after all the hard work of getting it written and published. Waterstone’s have been very helpful in Coleraine,” says William Methven.

Paula Cardwell, Waterstone’s Coleraine manager: “The book market is highly competitive and very challenging for an independent author to break into.

“At Waterstones we see ourselves as very much part of the local community.

“So we’re very happy to be able to help promote local authors where we can.

“Part of the story of the Hare’s Vision takes place on the North Coast which should give it additional interest to local readers. We wish William well,” she said.

The Hare’s Vision was published by William Methven’s own small independent publishing company - Temair Publishing.

“Direct publishing, where the author publishes their own work, is a great asset of new authors which wasn’t available until a few years ago.

“It’s a fast growing market.

“It means my book doesn’t sit as a dusty document at home having been turned down by large publishers. It is now available throughout the world via the internet and of course in Waterstones in Coleraine,” says William.

This highly original story is partly based on the north coast when ancient sacred scrolls are discovered at Dunseverick. It involves St Colum Cille, the Camus

monastery near Coleraine and the historic assembly site at Druim Cett near Limavady.

The book is the result of two year’s research. It inspires new thinking about Ireland’s past and its impact on the present. It uses elements of adventure, religion and love to tell its tale. The book is aimed at readers with an interest in ancient Irish history who also wish to be entertained through the medium of traditional Irish storytelling.

The Hare’s Vision is both a philosophical mystery and a romantic adventure following the journey an Irish monk in 575AD from his hermitage in the Egyptian desert back to his native Ireland with secret radical teachings delivered by Jesus after the crucifixion.

The monk is pursued by an emissary of the Bishop of Rome as the teachings challenge the very existence of the Christian Church. The story comes to a dramatic climax on the north coast.

Praise for the book: “This is a remarkable book. It has a smooth narrative flow and a great visual appeal and I keep thinking of it in terms of a film, possibly along the lines of Lord of the Rings, it reads like a traditional Irish myth.” Colin McAlpin, author.