Bushmills War exhibition set to open on July 1

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The Bushmills and the Great War exhibition begins in the Hamill Hall, Upper Main Street on July 1st.

The reason for the date is to remember the 26 Bushmills men who lost their lives on that day in 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Among the men lost on that day was Sir Harry Macnaghten and it was this man that Robert Quigg was searching for when he won the Victoria Cross.

Admission to the exhibition is free but it is hoped that people will give a voluntary donation.

There are many items that have never been on display before and among them is a bunch of pansies picked at the Somme in May of 1916 by Robert Carson and sent home to his mother and father. Robert was killed a month later and his parents kept the pansies their lifetime in his memory. When they passed away the flowers were given to a niece who kept them until recently when she passed them on to Robert Thompson.

Also on display will be a set of local medals. These medals have recently been handed in by the family and are very much appreciate. This is going to be the best display so far and a Military Cross won by a local man will be another of the latest items.

The exhibition runs for a fortnight, 10am to 7pm with Sundays 2pm to 5pm. So come along and show your respect for the men who gave their lives so long ago.. new donated items will be most welcome.